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Flyrust Remover


Fly rust remover - concentrate

RETECH Flyrust Remover is a highly efficient professional product which easily and quickly removes fly (airborne) rust created by oxidation of iron dust from wheel brake lining. It’s used especially to clean and decontaminate the surface varnish of personal, commercial, public transport, and rail vehicles, as well as others as an effective protection from potential formation of further local deep corrosion.
RETECH Flyrust Remover can also be used to clean aluminium and sheet metal wheel naves as well as other surfaces affected by fly rust.
Warning:: The product isn’t suitable for materials with surface treatment sensitive to chemical solvents, as it may damage or discolour them. These are typically low-quality metallic plastic parts. Before using on this type of material it is recommended to test the product on a small, concealed area.

  • High efficiency
  • Excellent penetration into oxidized iron
  • Doesn’t evaporate
Flyrust Remover 1 L

ProductPackingSizeOrder No.
Flyrust Remover 5 LCanister5 l1 35861

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