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Insect Cleaner


Professional insect cleaner – concentrate.

Insect Cleaner is a professional product for removing insects, tree sap and other organic impurities. It is used for contact and contactless cleaning of personal, commercial, and mass transport vehicles and more. It is most suitable for cleaning windscreens, bonnets, grilles, bumpers, headlights, rearview mirrors, licence plates etc.
It is a highly basic concentrate, diluted at a 1:10 ratio. It can be applied by a handheld sprayer, a pressure hose, or even in an automatic car wash. Insect Cleaner is suitable for both varnished and unvarnished surfaces, glass, plastics, chrome parts, ceramic coats, hard wax, foils, and more. It is not suitable for unvarnished sensitive surfaces, such as polished brass, polished copper and so on.

  • Concentrate with a 1:10 dilution ratio
  • Effectively removes insect remnants, tree sap and other organic impurities
  • Non-aggressive on most surfaces
  • Does not damage glass, varnishes, polycarbonates, plastics
Insect Cleaner 5L

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