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Air Con Cleaner


Highly efficient bacterial and fungicidal cleaner preventing the occurrence of fungi and mildew; cleaner, suitable for cleaning all types of air conditioning systems. The unique clinging active foam provides fast and efficient cleaning of all the evaporators and pipings of air conditioning systems. The use of light solvents allows the car to be cleaned in the shortest possible time and immediately returned to the customer. Air Con Cleaner doesn\'t contain ethyl alcohol and therefore it isn\'t necessary to ventilate the interior of the car for a long time.

  • Contains bacterial and fungicidal agents
  • Kills and eliminates bacteria and mildew
  • Usual spray packing, however, with an extended applicator for easier application
  • Unique clinging foam
  • Contains light solvents which don\'t leave any odour
  • Safe use on aluminium and plastics

Air Con Cleaner

ProductPackingSizeOrder No.
Air Con Cleaner 150Spray150 mlR 34148

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